We offer Awnings Shades for Commercial and Residential Spaces across UAE including Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Unlike other Awning Shades Suppliers across UAE, Our awning shades are made in Europe and come with a warranty which is available in both Motorized and Manual operation.

Aluminium Awning Shades.

An awning can be an indispensable addition to a home besides increasing curb appeal. It allows the family to enjoy more time outdoors, protected from sunlight or poor weather. Awnings are made up of various fabrics, aluminum, and a few other metals. While the differences between canvas-based and other awning types can be more significant and straightforward, homeowners often struggle when choosing between aluminum and another metal. We’re here to advise on the advantages and disadvantages these awnings have and how to make the best choice.

Aluminum accepts finishes and colorings well and can be shaped into various styles. Metal awnings are considered more traditional, and their shape and size usually fit older buildings better to give them an antique or rustic look.

Retractable Awnings

A lateral arm or retractable awning is a cantilevered awning supported entirely from a wall surface. This awning style may be retracted or folded against the wall surface in which is attached. Because it can be retracted in foul weather conditions, the retractable awning is currently not subject to live load requirements (wind, rain, snow, etc.).

Fabrics under tension rather than compression. Tension structures usually have cables inserted in perimeter edges, have very little framing and are pulled into a specific shape. The most Important part in planning a tension structure is the engineering patterning to determine the exact centenary cuts required to attain a specific finished shape. 

Retractable Lateral Arm Awnings.

The most timeless and popular design, born in the Mediterranean and along the Nile, is the lateral arm retractable awning. This type of deck and patio awning is cantilevered for a stunning and unobtrusive design, and there are plenty of fabrics available so you can pick the best color to fit your brand.

A retractable awning is a great option for homeowners who aren't ready to commit to a permanent outdoor structure yet. Attached to the side of your home, a retractable awning is used to provide shade and rain cover when it's needed but can be folded away, when it's not. The beauty of this is that you get all the benefits of a covered area without giving up any garden space to a sunroom. We often find that clients with smaller gardens favor our retractable awnings for this very reason!

Canopy Awnings

Awnings and canopies are free-standing or attached shelters that typically consist of a textile cover and metal frame. They provide weather protection, as well as a large surface for signage or advertising. Awnings and canopies differ in terms of size, shape, color, cost, materials of construction, and application.

Awnings and canopies can be into many canopy categories. Types include cabana, custom, entrance, fabric, metal, patio, retractable, shade, walkway, and weather-protection canopies.

Fixed Canopies

Awnings and canopies are both lovely additions to the home or backyard for creating shady areas to entertain guests, as well as adding curb appeal. Both are great window treatment options for cultivating a respite from the sun during New Jersey’s hot summer months. However, while they do have some similarities, and the two terms are often used interchangeably, canopies and awnings are two distinct structures with their own unique benefits and uses. Knowing these differences before assessing which is best for your space is key. 

The main difference between awnings and canopies is their architecture. An awning is made of fabric that is attached to a building over a glass window or door. Meanwhile, a canopy is a freestanding structure that has posts supporting its fabric roof. 


It means any canopy or cover that is open on all sides, consists of pliable tent-like material such as canvas, nylon or other synthetic fabric, and that is maintained in an upright position by one or more supporting metal, plastic, or wooden poles. No Umbrella or Sun Shade shall exceed eight feet in height and ten feet in diameter or length or width. All Umbrellas or Sun Shades shall be dismantled and removed from the Beach before the Beach is closed.

A light, small, portable, usually circular cover for protection from rain or sun, consisting of a fabric held on a collapsible frame of thin ribs radiating from the top of a carrying stick or handle.

Garden Umbrella

Outdoor Umbrella help keep you cool without glaring UV rays, often making outdoor temps feel up to 10 degrees cooler. However, they offer homeowners so much more than just shade. Outdoor patio umbrellas make it possible to use and appreciate your pool, backyard, garden, or patio area during all four seasons, shielding you from the sun, rain, high winds, snow, and more. They give people some much-needed privacy from the prying eyes of their neighbors. They also protect your pets and mobile devices from overheating outdoors, while also preventing your furniture from fading or warping due to elemental exposure. Finally, outdoor patio umbrellas just look nice. They make any setting look and feel more inviting, encouraging more people to go outdoors to relax or socialize away from their televisions.

We also Custom Design & Branding

It makes perfect sense to put your logo on your awning . After all, your awning serves as a location-finder for people who want to do business with you. But it also introduces you to people who don’t yet buy from you. And using your logo can look much more intriguing than simply spelling out your name. you should be able to have a better understanding of how to design awnings for business establishments. You should also have a better grasp of the thought process that will need to go into designing an awning based on your own business.

Whether you are looking to install a simple awning or a complex one with an electric mechanism, there are basic factors to consider which in hindsight may seem obvious but can easily be forgotten during the design phase.

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